We've Added Represented Foundation to our Non-Profit Partner Roster!

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on February 25 2021

We've Added Represented Foundation to our Non-Profit Partner Roster!

Represented Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to close the diversity gap in social impact leadership, announced a new partnership with BKLYN LEAGUE, a socially-conscious streetwear brand.  

As a result of the partnership, BKLYN LEAGUE offered Represented Foundation branded swag items to purchase on the BKLYN LEAGUE website. All proceeds go directly toward supporting Represented Foundation’s V.E.R. Incubator program for Black and Latinx social entrepreneurs. 

“This partnership means a lot because we’ve been a supporter and fan of BKLYN LEAGUE for a few years, and it’s great to have support so close to home,” said Noel McKenzie, founder of Represented Foundation. 

BKLYN LEAGUE and Represented’s relationship dates back to  2018, when marketing executive and Founder of BKLYN LEAGUE, Phaon Spurlock, offered his advice and one of Represented Foundation’s first marketing days.

"Part of BKLYN LEAGUE's mission is to give back to Brooklyn by patterning with non-profit organizations. By partnering with Represented Foundation, we will be able to reach and support several different non-profits. The best partnerships are established when both parties see eye-to-eye and I can honestly say that this is it! We look forward to working with the Represented Team," said Phaon K. Spurlock, Founder of BKLYN LEAGUE.

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