The Locals: Joe Turley | Williamsburg

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on September 29 2016

The Locals: Joe Turley | Williamsburg

Joe Turley Bklyn League

Name:  Joe Turley

Age: 30

Occupation:  Investment Analyst

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Style: Street Smart

Favorite BKLYN LEAGUE item: BKLYN Flip Tee

Favorite Music Artist or Artist: Gucci Mane, Fugazi and Phalaleh

Favorite Local Bar: Jackbar

Favorite Local Restaurant: Le Barricou

Why Brooklyn? Brooklyn can't be put in a corner, it's so many different things at the same time. For me, true Brooklyn style is about never being able to be put in a box, it's about never being afraid to be different and taking risks. That's what makes this place and some of the people in it so great.

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