The Locals: Stefanie Lewin | Greenpoint

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Posted on October 17 2018

The Locals: Stefanie Lewin | Greenpoint

stefanie lewin

Name:  Stefanie Lewin

Age: 31

Occupation:  Education Manager & Teaching Artist at ESS Community Projects*

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Style:  Artsy goth teen/eccentric aging spinster

Favorite BKLYN LEAGUE item: The Oh Well t-shirt

Favorite Artists/Bands:  Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, Louise Bourgeois

Favorite Local Bar:  Ramona, Hot Bird, and Lady Jay’s with an honorable mention for Union Pool which was my first favorite bar when I moved here and is still lovable on weeknights

Favorite Local Restaurant:  Esme

Why Brooklyn?  The friendly small town vibe, the stoops and fire escapes, the art and style, Prospect Park, McCarren Park, the Brooklyn Museum, the tree-lined streets, being able to always find something new to do, but also the abundance of comfortable neighborhood routines, and getting to see glimpses of other people’s bookcases and home decor choices through brownstone windows.

*ESS Community Projects is a non-profit organization committed to bringing high-quality art education to all members of its Brooklyn community, regardless of income or experience... and on October 25th we are hosting an Art Party! Tickets start at $50 and all money raised creates more opportunities to engage with the arts for local kids and families who would otherwise lack access. There'll be delicious food, an open bar, a live DJ set, and a silent art auction. Get your tickets here!

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