Band Spotlight: No Honeymoon | Dream Pop

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on June 05 2017

Band Spotlight: No Honeymoon | Dream Pop

No Honeymoon

Band Name:

No Honeymoon

Band Member Names:

Cait, Nate, Rob, Ryan


Dream Pop


So many! 90s rock generally is a big influence. We love all those seminal shoegaze bands (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Pale Saints, etc.). Dinosaur Jr. is definitely a big influence. We also largely grew up as punk/emo kids, and I think you can hear that influence in the songs we write. We get compared to the Cranberries sometimes; Cait's voice has a quality that people seem to think sounds like Dolores O'Riordan, which hey, could damn well be worse!

When and why did you start playing?

We started playing together in late 2014 and began playing shows the following March, in 2015. Cait had been writing songs for the first time in about ten years and linked up with old hometown friend Ryan, who had also recently been writing new songs. Nate and Rob were friends who got pulled in a little later. We tend to write all our music very collaboratively now and we definitely focus on editing and encouraging each other. We do it because it's really fun and also because it calms our anxious monkey brains down.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

There are so many. We really love Chance the Rapper right now. He just seems like such an awesome person. His records are absolutely killer, he is so young and accomplished, and he heavily prioritizes giving back to his community in Chicago. Let's all be Chance the Rapper.

We're also pretty into Arthur Russell, avant garde musician. He passed away from AIDS in 1992 more or less broke and in obscurity, which is an incredible bummer. The dude had a wild range and so many ideas that have pervaded music today.

Favorite collective bar or restaurant:

We go to the Anchored Inn in East Williamsburg at least once a week because it's near our rehearsal space. It's a super divey, dirty little wonder of a punk bar, with truly excellent pub grub suitable for post-practice snacks or an actual dinner.

Favorite drink (each band member):

Cait: Hard cider with a dash of bitters is the new obsession

Nate: Whiskey, straight, whenever possible

Rob: Give the man a fancy pale ale

Ryan: Black cherry seltzer all day

Where do you all draw inspiration from?

Aside from of course tons of existing music, I think we all draw inspiration from anxiety and general unease. I think we, like probably a lot of musicians, channel our discomfort and worries into our music. And that said, our every day experiences with others, our relationships, families, beliefs and politics all work together to inspire us and our music.

Any tours or gigs coming up soon?

We're in the process of finishing a six song EP that we are extremely excited to release (hopefully in the next few weeks!).

What is your favorite BKLYN LEAGUE product?

We looove the biggie shirts. Also "True Life: I'm Addicted to Being Dope," man that is good. Love the hats too!

Why Brooklyn?

Because where else?

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