The Locals: Tory Hogsett | Bed-Stuy

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on June 21 2017

The Locals: Tory Hogsett | Bed-Stuy

tory hogsett

Name:  Tory Hogsett

Age: 41 (ageless)

Occupation:  Digital Marketer / Founder of -

Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy

Style: BK meets UK

Favorite BKLYN LEAGUE item: BKLYN Flip Snapback and Do Dope Sh*t Tee

Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop, Soul, Alternative

Favorite Local Bar: Casablanca

Favorite Local Restaurant: L'Antagoniste

Why Brooklyn? BK has it's own energy and style. Coming from Chicago; I couldn't see myself living in any other borough.

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