The Locals: Lamar Shambley | Bed-Stuy

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on December 09 2016

The Locals: Lamar Shambley | Bed-Stuy

lamar shambley bklyn league

Name:  Lamar Shambley

Age: 28

Occupation:  Spanish Teacher

Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy

Style: Floral print in the spring/summer, sweatpants in the fall/winter

Favorite BKLYN LEAGUE item: BKLYN Flip Snapback 

Favorite Music Artist or Artist: The Notorious B.I.G.

Favorite Local Bar: Mo’s

Favorite Local Restaurant: Peaches HotHouse

Why Brooklyn? Brooklyn has been the heart and soul of my family for decades. My grandparents moved to Brooklyn in the 1940s and both of my parents were raised here. I was born here too, but my mother moved us to Norfolk, Virginia in the mid-90s when Brooklyn wasn’t the safest place to raise her two children. After college, I decided to come back to Brooklyn to become a teacher. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young Black and Latino boys and girls and to teach them about the world outside of the concrete jungle. 

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