The Locals: Shena Nicole | Midwood

Phaon Spurlock

Posted on October 19 2016

The Locals: Shena Nicole | Midwood

shena bklyn league

Name:  Shena Nicole

Age: 32

Occupation:  Founder / Head Consultant @ SHE CRE8TES Visual Branding Consultants (

Neighborhood: Midwood

Style: Laid back, feminine, trendy and edgy

Favorite BKLYN LEAGUE item: BKLYN Flip Snapback and Do Dope Sh*t Tee

Favorite Music Artist or Artist: Nas

Favorite Local Bar: Freehold

Favorite Local Restaurant: Ideya

Why Brooklyn? Brooklyn has a vibe all it's own; it's laid back, fun, adventurous, bustling, exotic and magical. From the views, to the food, to the hustle, to the grind; Brooklyn has an essence that cannot be replicated or ignored. 

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